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Charleston Outdoor Adventures
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fire that Changed Us

Burned down building :(
Yes, it changed us, but not in the way you might think.  We are back this year bigger and better than ever.  We may have been out of commission for August and September of 2012, but now that winter is wrapping up you can come experience all the great excellence of Charleston Outdoor Adventures, plus some.

In August of 2012 a fire started on Bowens Island due to faulty electrical wiring. Not only did the fire burn down the building housing our 24 kayaks and 16 paddle boards, but it also took our 23-foot charter boat. You know what though? This was not the end of us as some people might think.  We have since built a new barn for our kayaks and paddle boards, now fully equipped with racks and doors, and we have a quaint office ready with shirts for sale, awesome whelk shells collected at the beach, and air conditioning for those blazing days in front of us. The best part is the 360 degree views of the water from the seat that I'm at right now.

Doors are on and ready, and you should check out those racks!
The best office with the best views!

I've also been working hard vamping up the website, which will now include a floating tab along the left hand side that will show our weekly tours so you can plan exactly when you would like to come out and have one of your most memorable outdoor experiences.  There was a man that stopped by the office the other day and asked if we were open for tours.  This got me thinking.  Does everyone know that we are open out here?? It doesn't matter how cold or rainy, we're out here supporting the naturalist point of view and letting you take in the best soul searching experience you could have.

Moral of the story? Come hang out! We are here this February rip roaring ready to go! Come meet the friendliest, most outgoing naturalist on Bowens Island :)

If you want to read the originial articles, here is one from the day after the fire on August 13th
Post and Courier

This article is Joe's response to the questions of reopening.
Joe's statement to the Courier

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