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Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Charleston Outdoor Adventures
"Paddle an untamed estuary in the company of dolphins" - National Geographic

Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Weekend.

Captain  Redfish Wild Bill commanding the waters off Morris Island
White Pelicans? Here? No Way!!
COA is open everyday all day this weekend! All sorts of tours and rentals going off, and the weather looks beautiful.  Twenty percent chance of rain means nothing out here behind Folly Beach, so don't be scared! Folly Creek is beautiful right now, and out of the typical holiday boat traffic. The sun is shining, so now is the best time to enjoy the rest of the summer rays before the fall rolls in.

Black-Crowed Night Heron
The fall breezes are beginning to blow in. After days with temperatures over 100 degree with a ‘feels like’ of 140 degrees, everyone is ready for the beautiful cool winds of September to come through. Along with the change in temperature will bring the migration of many birds. Already seen on the estuary are flocks of American Woodstorks and Monarch Butterflies getting ready to start heading to South America and Mexico respectively.

Multiple boats for Dolphin Research
Do you know how Dolphin research is conducted? We were able to watch first hand from the deck of Samson 1 as teams of NOAA researchers and volunteers with multiple vessels sat in Folly Creek with a male dolphin they had recently secured by way of net and gentle hands. They attached a black tag with an antenna on it so that they can track him throughout the estuary. For us this means we can differentiate this dolphin from others while on tour. Very interesting things happening with NOAA, and we are glad they are here to keep informing us of real world data of local ecosystems and estuaries. As we were driving back to our landing a massive Bald Eagle flew overhead almost guiding us back to COA. It was a very exciting late summer day for us. 

A great Blue Heron swooping down to steal fish from a strand feeding dolphin

mmmm Sheepshead

Another great thing about fall is the fishing. As the water cools down, the fish begin to swim in and they are hungry! After successful fishing charters and kayak fishing in August, Captain Joe can only imagine how excellent the fishing will be over the next few months. Here is a picture of two of the Sheepshead; the right was 15 inches and the left measured to be 18+ inches!

Come out and see us!