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"Paddle an untamed estuary in the company of dolphins" - National Geographic

Friday, May 17, 2013

COA May Newsletter

Jurassic Park? Nope, just an awesome Pelican

Welcome to Charleston Outdoor Adventures’ May Newsletter! There has been a lot of exciting things happening on Bowens Island lately. The water temperature is up to 70 degrees, while the air temperature is still not exceedingly hot, which makes it perfect for being out on the water. The fishing has been great. Tripp caught an enormous Red Drum the other day, which he happily had to release because it was over the legal limit of 23 inches.

Cannonball jellyfish have been seen moving back into the area for over a month now, and we finally had our first sightings of the Loggerhead Sea turtle. With a head the size of a softball, the turtle popped up right in front of Brad while on tour and looked him straight in the eye.  Our most recent sighting was yesterday on Captain Joe’s Fishing Charter. 

Photography by William McKenzie
Brad has had excellent tours lately. Three days ago Brad’s tour was followed downstream by a pod of five dolphins and they sighted every bird in the area. The American Wood Stork has moved back into the area also. With a neck elongated while they fly and a wing span of up to 7 feet, the wood stork is a wonderful sight to see. For some people this will be the only chance to see one in person as they are on the endangered species list for South Carolina.   

This month on May 24th and 25th COA is adding two specialty Full Moon tours. We will depart from Bowens Island at 8pm as the sun is starting to set and return back to dock at 10pm when the full moon is lighting the way from above the horizon. The beauty of this tour is from the peaceful ambiance of the salt marsh as you paddle past oyster beds, sunken boats, docks, and Spartina Grass that look quite different from the daytime hours. Your Naturalist will not only take you safely through the tidal flats, but will also explain about all wildlife encountered and histories of the area. Full Moon tours can be enjoyed from the seat of a kayak or while standing on a paddle board. If you would like to add yourself to one of these tours, you can do so by calling the COA office anytime at (843)795-0330.

Check out that barn!!
The most exciting part of May so far has been that COA is finally completely rebuilt and has a full fleet of kayaks and paddle boards. The COA kayak barn now has its final coats of paint with a great new sign centered on the top. The barn is fully stocked with kayaks, SUPs, and good times to be had. It looks great as the last building on Bowens Island with a fresh green finish. The new 12 passenger Carolina Skiff has also been busy running charters out to the Morris Island Lighthouse. Named “Sampson I” after Captain Joe’s loyal companion. You’re entire group can enjoy the ride from the boat while basking in the sun and taking in all the scenery and wildlife around Folly Creek and surrounding Eco-systems. 

Last Thursday the entire crew was together including our four seasoned guides and two new additions.  At 6am we were out on the water in kayaks, taking in the rising sun for our “on water” safety protocol training. All naturalist went over all of our safety techniques, knot tying skills, towing, and vessel rescues. Stay tuned for Fireworks tour dates in the coming months ahead!
Joe, Will and Tripp
Betsy and Brad

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to catch up with someone from COA, I will gladly answer your call in the office or respond to your email! Thank you for reading our May news update, and hope to see you in the near future if possible!

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That's me on the left after early morning training

Anna Sullivan
Dolphin Tamer, Naturalist, PR
Charleston Outdoor Adventures LLC
Office#  843.795.0330