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Charleston Outdoor Adventures
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Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Charleston Outdoor Adventures
"Paddle an untamed estuary in the company of dolphins" - National Geographic

Friday, June 6, 2014

June Full Moon Tour - Summer is Here!

Our next Full Moon Tour is this Thursday, June 12th at 8pm! This two hour tour paddles through the estuary, winding through small creeks, while passing birds, dolphins, and mysterious sunken boats.  This guided kayak eco-tour is $45 per person.

A collection of Morris Island Shells

June is a fabulous month in the estuary. The black skimmer has been gracing us with it's presence for the last few weeks while gliding over the surface of the water, scooping up small fish with it's larger lower bill. The cannonball jellyfish can be seen all over Charleston, washing up on beaches and floating through our waterways. The loggerheads like these jellies as an excellent supplement to their already balanced diet. Don't worry, these jellies don't sting!

COA wants to extend a warm welcome to a few new staff members really completing our team here on Bowens Island. You can be sure to have a fun time on the water with our talented Dolphin whisperer, Alex, who calls the dolphins out on tour. Molly studies Opera at school when she's not rock climbing or kayaking, and is excited to lead you on your next adventure through the estuary. Luke is our SUP specialist and can show you all the best tricks while out on the water, even when paddling backwards or standing on his head. George, Will, and Pri are our landing coordinators and they are excited to put you out on your next rental. Whether you are here to go kayaking or paddle boarding, these guys will help you out with full paddle instruction and will go over a map with you before they get you out on the water.
See you on the water soon!

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