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Charleston Outdoor Adventures
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Charleston Outdoor Adventures

Charleston Outdoor Adventures
"Paddle an untamed estuary in the company of dolphins" - National Geographic

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Charleston Outdoor Adventures Voted 2014 Best Stand-Up Paddleboard Company

Will on Tour
We tend to not boast or brag about our stand-up paddleboard tours, but that is because we want you to experience it for yourself.  The SUP craze began to furiously catch on a few years ago, and COA has been right alongside it. Ask Capt. William McKenzie, our very own paddle boarding enthusiast, how he feels about spending a few hours in the estuary on a board. He loves it. 

This season with over 30 boards, we are excited to get you out on the water. Whether you would like to go on a smooth tour with your family, bring your bridal shower out for 2 hours of guided fun, or simply rent one on your own, we are always happy to assist you. 

“Want to experience a sunset on the marsh like you never have before? Let Charleston Outdoor Adventures be your guide on Folly, where they offer two-hour sunset tours that depart from Bowens Island.” –Charleston City Paper

Being on a paddle board for the sunset is incredible, especially with the view you have standing up above the grass.  As the sun slowly sets, and you paddle silently through the water the estuary comes to life. If you listen closely you can hear a dolphin surface before your eyes will catch a glimpse, and a great blue heron call seems to echo off the trees. 

If you are looking to be out on the water earlier, we offer morning and afternoon tours daily as well. Each tour is memorable and different in its own way. Come make memories with your family and friends that you will be talking about for years to come. Charleston Outdoor Adventures is open 7 days a week beginning at 9am. There is always someone with a phone nearby, so give us a call with any questions, comments, or if you would like to make a reservation.

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